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I use one meditation technique to calm my brain

I’m big on meditation. It hasn’t always been this way, but these days meditation matters deeply to me. It matters because it’s important to me to maintain a balance in my mind and my spirit.

I’m a chaotic person. I’m a person who is always in motion, always running from one big idea to the next, always working, always running even when I can walk. That chaos lives inside me constantly. That chaos gives me zero to no room to breathe, if I don’t manage it.

When I was younger, “managing” it happened through drinking to quiet my mind, self destructing as a distraction mechanism. When I was younger, I had little control over the way I felt, and the way I reacted, and the way my moods would swing back and forth between happiness and loneliness.

5 comments on “I use one meditation technique to calm my brain

  • Phanuwat
    March 28, 2017 | 2:58 am

    Don’t forget the other room, with cats, 50 of cats and kittens waiting to play with you 🙂

  • Patricia
    March 28, 2017 | 11:42 am

    Excellent!! ????????

  • Katrina Margell-Fleisher
    March 29, 2017 | 12:52 am

    The simplest solutions often work best! Thank you for this. It’s a helpful visualization.

  • Swami Pranavananda
    March 29, 2017 | 7:53 am

    What you are doing is certainly very good…Actually, there are many “technics” which suit some or do not suit others.

    The “technic” I follow has been thaught to me by my Hatha Yoga Master. It consist in letting all thoughts come and go without following any of its story. With time and regularity you will have less and less thoughts, up to the point where you will have only one thought at a time.

    This is the moment when you will be able to introduce the Thought you want to develop, one by one.

    When you have finished with that one then go to the next one, and not all of them at the same time otherwise, you will go back to the situation you were in at the beginning with thousands of thoughts rushing to your mind. The end-result will be where you will feel as tired or more or as restless than when you started …Hence, it would be a useless Meditation.

    However, to arrive at that point of one thought at a time one needs to be constant, regularly every morning or evening, such as brushing your teeth or any other activity you do at regular intervals. This One-pointedness is call EKKA GRATA in Sanskrit.

    One thing is sure is that any technic of Meditation is good for everyone as it brings down the blood pressure. However, to start your Meditation and to make it more effective doing PRANAYAMA (breathing exercise) will be of a great help to all.

  • Renato Bosa
    April 1, 2017 | 2:29 am

    Great, I like to do the same… but in fact, I actually put the ideas, worries and stuff in my Evernote, so I know I can retrieve that information the next day and nothing will be forgotten. It make me peaceful.

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