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I’m Jon Westenberg. I’m the founder and publisher behind Creatomic, a blog focused on entrepreneurship, creativity and passion. I’ve written Creatomic for close to 10 years now, originally as a personal blog.I have been working in communications for over a decade, for agencies, startups and corporates. I have held multiple C-level roles as Chief Marketing Officer and Marketing GM for both a financial services firm and a tech based web platform. I studied the liberal arts, PR, marketing and communications at Griffith University, Campion College and the University of Technology, Sydney. I have spoken at conferences and events throughout Australia and globally, including the Work2.0 conference and ASAS in the Netherlands. I am an advisor to several companies, including new media startup Inkl, medical cannabis technology hub BuddingTech and others. As an entrepreneur, I was one of the founders of tech startup Tuteable (ANZ Innovyz 2012) and I am the founder and director of Opkomend Creative, a design and branding studio.


I am a frequent public speaker at conferences, meet ups and other events. I have delivered keynote speeches and presentations throughout Australia and internationally.If you’d like to invite me to speak, please get in touch:


My ethics are based on the idea that Creatomic should serve its audience as a number one priority. I keep my readers’ interests at the heart of everything I do, and everything I publish. There are no pay-to-play posts on Creatomic, and I do not accept payment to endorse any product, platform or service. Creatomic is supported by Patreon, by sponsors who are always clearly and fairly identified and by direct payments through the Inkl platform, for whom I serve as an advisor.